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APP Heat Welded Modified Bitumen

APP roofing provides superior tensile strength while maintaining critical flexibility, even in the coldest environments. APP roofing membranes have given contractors an efficient mode of application by heat welding, making hot mopping unnecessary. This highly durable roof system is formulated combining modified asphalt with non-woven polyester or glass fiber reinforcements. We often recommend APP roofing and offer 10 yr, 12 yr, and 20 yr No Dollar Warranty on specific APP roof systems.

TPO Thermoplastic Polyolefin

TPO roofing comes in several different thicknesses and has been designed for ease in installation. For convenience there are two different installation methods, fully adhesive and mechanically fastened. TPO has been reinforced with polyester fabric to provide excellent wind uplift resistance and puncture resistance. TPO has been formulated to allow extreme pliability, flexibility and weld ability during installation. TPO state of the art formulation helps resist extreme weather conditions, including ultra violet radiation and high surface temperature. We offer 10 yr, 20 yr and 30 yr No Dollar Limit Warranty on specific TPO roof systems.

EPDM Rubber Roofing

EPDM roofing provides quick, clean and a cost-effective solution capable of being installed in a wide range of temperatures. It is available in several thicknesses and had wider widths and fewer seams which help provide efficiency during installation. For convenience this roof can be installed fully adhesive, mechanically fastened or ballasted. This popular roof system does not require flame or heat for installation, making it safer and well trusted by contractors and customers. We offer 10 yr, 20 yr and 30 yr No Dollar Limit Warranty on specific EPDM roof systems.

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